“The Suspense Is Killing Us”

Creative Writing Workshop Series
The 6th sequence in Berlin

13.09.2021 – 20.09.2021

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
– Maya Angelau

Dear reader and those who are more than a reader,

I assure you that there are a few things in life that burden us more than a good-old-plain-A4-A5-A3-paper-full-of-ideas or even worse: a head full of unarticulated ideas. On the other side of the coin: there are quite a few things in life that feel more ecstatic, more satisfying than seeing all these ideas, these shapeless letters, these rasping sounds coming into a shape. That’s the tipping of point existence: a molecule says “yes” to another molecule, a word chains into another word, an atom splits and unite. A story begins. It has a flow, a narrative arc, and most importantly, a voice. Your very own being. Attributed to a story. And like the Chinese whisper game, it takes on different shapes each time when you sit on it, dwell on it, edit, edit, neurosis & rewrite it. You see it developing, growing, going beyond your hands.
Till the day it shuts the door to your face and plays its own loud music inside. A4, A5, A3…You count. Disorderly. It will come back. It’s a dance between the act of birth and separation.

What a marvellous place to hide and expose yourself at the same time.

If any of the words above is familiar to you (or you envy this madness, like a complicated love drama your friend is telling you at 3 am), take this urge with you and join our writing workshop.

Fix facts:

– It will last 1 week, including 2 teaching sessions (both at 20:00), daily tasks and comprehensive, detailed verbal and written feedback along with further editing options.

– I will conduct the sessions online.

– The major focus of this workshop is to kick-start the imagination and to ignite the fuel to extract the unseen from the seen. We will take a close look at the mechanism working behind creativity. Participants will leave with a variety of strategies they can employ to structure their fiction as well as a deeper understanding of the notions of originality and creativity. Suitable for anyone who takes pleasure in literature and for those who want to refresh their writing practices.

– Fee 80€ regular- 70€ for students
(for us to take things more seriously, because hey, it’s postpostcapitalism and it’s hard to undo time from money)

About the instructor:

Cagla Aribal is a fiction writer, creative writing lecturer in Berlin and elsewhere.

Please send a message for registration

The Heroine’s Journey

1) Tuesday, 08.03.2022, 18:00-21:00 2) Sunday, 13.03.2022, 16:00-19:00 “The Heroine’s Journey” promotes stories of emancipation, empowerment and freedom while unfolding individually and socially untapped or/and devalued potential and values. We will be digging up our own biographies to fictionalize a woman figure that has been a source of inspiration for us. I will be providing“The Heroine’s Journey” yazısının devamını oku


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